Rolling Stock Technician - Cairo, مصر - RATP Dev Mobility Cairo, Egypt

    RATP Dev Mobility Cairo, Egypt
    Default job background
    • Make the trains available to the operator on time in accordance with the technical reference.
    • Troubleshoot the faulty trains and/or depot equipment, ensuring rail safety.
    • Control and follow the evolution of equipment failure.
    • Based on the workload defined by the maintenance supervisor, organize the distribution within the team, according to human and material resources.
    • Be a support, a technical reference for the team.

    Profil De Candidat Recherché


    • Check the veracity of the report and note the failure.
    • Research and analyze information and history related to the incident and make assumptions.
    • Diagnose precisely the fault.
    • Carry out troubleshooting actions and validations.
    • Perform tests and verifications.
    • Report and ensure traceability (enter reports and select the codes adapted to the interventions, describe the chronology of the steps and the measurement points).
    • Inform and transfer know-how.
    • Perform cyclical checks and adjustments (perform checks and alert on detected anomalies, perform dynamic adjustments).
    • Maintain and manage the tools and the spare parts.
    • Manage completion times.
    • Organize the workspace logistics.
    • Control the quality of the work carried out, compliance with Quality Assurance procedures and contribute to traceability.
    • Collect and transmit information.
    • Integrate and train newcomers, interns.
    • Prevent and manage potentially conflictual situations.