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Sushi knife set in Egypt

Hailing from Kansai, Japan, the Yanagiba Knife is one of the best Japanese chef knives set in Egypt you can find. The term Yanagiba, better known as the ultimate sushi knife set in Egypt, is derived from the Japanese word “willow leaf”. If you've ever seen a blade, it makes perfect sense as the Yanagida blade (sometimes just called yangi) has a slender blade that is as long as a willow leaf.


The very thin blade of Yanagiba is ideal for constantly chopping liquids and makes this knife the dream of every sushi chef. Without a long blade, raw fish cannot be safely cut from top to bottom in one fixed motion.

The blade is usually only sharpened on one side, which means that it is referred to as a single beveled blade. In comparison, the Japanese Sujihiki knife will come relatively close to the Yanagiba. While Yanagiba's conical blades ensure precise cutting, smooth operation, and clean cutting every time, Sujihiki offers a different taste on both sides, which acts like chopping fresh meat and fish.

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