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Ramy Essam

Ramy Essam

Giza, Giza Governorate


حول Ramy Essam:

Self-affirmation comes with the success of the system


Aug  2006 -
July  2021

Lafarge Egypt Bags Company (Egypt Sack & NBC )
6 th October City, Egypt.


Quality Department manager

( Sacks , special industrials and fast foods) Producer from Paper Kraft.


·     Responsible for


1- Maintenance and development of management systems: 


-Directing and following maintenance activities according to management systems in company in accordance with the international standard specifications. 
- Review, corrective the preventive measures and monitors their application. 
- Draw the following continuous activities of improvement for management systems, coordinate efforts to implement improvements and support, facilitate their application. 
- issued the annual report of system maintenance and development results for presented to the Supreme Committee for Quality and Environmental Audit 


2. Internal audit of the quality and environment system


- Oversees the preparation of internal audit plan of quality and environment system, reviewing there implementation, follow up, review audit reports prior to submission to the Supreme Committee for Quality. 
- Monitor and direct corrective actions that result from internal audit of the implementation to ensure conformity with the requirements of the system. 
-Oversees the implementation of sudden audits at the request of the senior management and follow up results. 


3- Control of documents and data: 


- Achieving the original copy of Quality manual and procedures. Standards measures are used, following issuance and distribution of these documents as instructions of CEO, confirmed the validity of distribution lists. 
- Supervises the modernization procedure according to the adopted amendments. 



4. Supervision of the quality control of products: 


- Oversees the establishing and implementation of products inspection plans during & after industrialization, review and approved inspection instructions.

- Oversees the implementation of corrective and preventive action for re-operation & rejected products, monitors the activities of study and treatment of customer complaints.

- Review of statistical and technical reports for the final quality of products data.

- Oversees the evaluation of initial samples quality for required and new products. 
- Oversees the evaluation of new suppliers, identify the imports quality.

-Follow the decisions of Commission on the monthly follow-up, oversees the implementation of it. 
- Decision to dispose of rejected production and non-conform products to the specifications. 
- Study of alternative raw materials, search for best alternative of raw materials in terms of quality or price. 


5. Direction and development of administration department. 


- Direct the performance of departments, review the results of their work, treating the problems and constraints of work, take the necessary corrective action. 
- Performance appraisal for direct subordinates, set the career development plans to raise the level of performance, review, approve the results of evaluating the performance of other employees and plans to develop standards of performance. 
- Assigned to other work related to the objectives of his job and work area.



Job Resboncibilities :-

Responsibility to the equipment: 


- Responsible for maintenance of available machines and equipment, insure its efficiency & suitability to meet the performance rates and required levels of precision, control of operation before, during and after work. 


Responsibility to the materials and supplies


- Responsible for preservation of all raw materials, components and materials for plant, secure them in appropriate place andoptimal use of them. 


Financial responsibility: 


- Review adoption of expenses according to established budgets


Responsibility towards the safety of others: 


- Maintain the integrity of employees in plant, take all industrial security procedures.


Authority and decision-making powers: 


- Take all authorities and powers that will help to achieve the basic and additional goals without prejudice to the powers granted by other departments within the organizational structure.








Work Communication: 
 - Production - Warehouse – purchasing



- Supplier with regard to the quality assessing of supplies and customers regarding the quality of products.


- I have traveled previously to follow clients in Lebanon, Kenya, Jordan, Rwanda and Uganda.


Problems Solving: - 


Types and limits of problems that require the job holder to solve: 


- Participate in study and solve problems relating to the application of quality and environment system.


Participation requested for introduction of innovations or modifications

  Methods and procedures: 


- Propose appropriate improvements of work methods in various departments to achieve the requirements of quality and environment systems. 

Plans and programs of action: 


- Development of audit plans, methods, plans for inspection of products, imports, supplier evaluation.















July 2005:

Faculty Of Engineer, Helwan, Egypt

Production - Mechanical .


Automation System.


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