Nadeem Saleh

Nadeem Saleh

Alexandria, اسكندرية

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About me:

I have obtained my Law Degree from Alexandria University in 2010 ,where it helped me to know the major part of the labor law in each country,and all the legislation rules and how to affect the society in positive and negative ways.

i used to participate in volunteer work in some civil communities in Alexandria for year and half ,and it was a huge influence for me ,in understanding the civil rights and civil community and on how it plays an important role to make people understand their rights and the other world systems how it works,and how to break the ice with anyone and to be sociable human being.

I obtained my diploma in the HR in 2018 from AASST

My passion and love to the human Resource was always clear to me since i graduated from college ,and always seeking to develop my self in all aspects of HR.

And one of my favorite sections in HR , is the recruitment section,because i consider it the most important role in the HR ,where you need to able to hire the right candidate in the right time and in the right place with the suitbale package that satisfy the candidate and the company.

Also As part time and freelance i tend to work as consultant and freelance HR for any company

This experience has also taught me that time management and being able to work effectively both independently and as a part of a team are all critical components to being successful.



I obtained my diploma in the HR in 2018 from AASST



I was able to work as Human Resources specialist , customer service and also administration jobs within 8 years, where it taught me the importance of having strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.

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