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Hi , Hello , Hola 
I'm Mohamed Adel I'm Flutter Developer have 2 years Experience in flutter role I have a very big knowladge in apps and desktop app by flutter 
I have Deployed 4 apps in playStore and all rating in it upper 4.5
my work is very organization I can work in a lot technique and architecture like ttd and a-lot 
I have knowledge in al to of StateManagment like provider , bloc , mobx , getx
I have experience in git version 
I know most common design pattern like delegation , singleton , factory
I have experience in responsive design to work well in all size of apps

I’ll fully project manage your brief from start to finis
Regular communication is really important to me, so let’s keep in touch!”


06/2022 – present Premium Card
Software Engineer
Strat To Create Apps serve an Employ in a company and Create Some Apps Make
Operation faster And More optimized between Departments

08/2021 – 04/2022 Reeaia Company
Flutter Developer
Doctor version fix all bugs in the app, completed all feature in it, and uploaded it to the
play Store
Patient Version Started In it from scrat


Cairo, Egypt Bachelor Degree in Computer Science & Information System
Culture & science city
Graduation Project: Plat Real Estate Agent
Flutter Project
Grade: Excellent

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