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B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering from Mansoura University - Egypt, June 2013. Graduation Project: Excellent degree in Design and Manufacture of Automatic Holding Torch welding to weld different sizes of pipes. Excellent degree in design complete HVAC& firefighting (Sprinkler   system+ FM200) system for general Mansoura hospital, Jan 2011. 


mechanical engineering 


  • Police club at 6th -October city. (firefighting – HVAC – plumbing)                             (Design-implementation)
  • Elsaria Mall sheikh Zayed city. (firefighting – HVAC – plumbing)                              (Design-implementation)
  • 2 Extension of Mall Masr 6th -October city. (HVAC VRF system)                               (Design-implementation)
  • Ramada Hotel wedding hall Mansoura city. (firefighting – HVAC)                              (Design-implementation)
  • Alkhodary building at Khobar city. (HVAC)                                                                  (Design-follow up)
  • Elbassam 7 Villa at Dammam city. (HVAC)                                                                  (Design-follow up)
  • Captain Bassam Villa at Dammam city. (HVAC – plumbing)                                      (Design-implementation)
  • National guard prince villa at Khobar city. (HVAC – plumbing)                                   (implementation)
  • New Wakulla N.G Building at Khobar city. (firefighting – HVAC – plumbing)           (implementation)
  • Old Wakulla N.G Building at Khobar city. (HVAC).                                                    (implementation)
  • N.G Small hospital, 5 Mosques and 3 schools at Hasa City. (HVAC)                           (implementation)
  • Naval base -sawary school building – main airport building (HVAC- firefighting)      (Design- implementation)
  • Air radar at hafr elbatn city + khobar city. (HVAC).                                                      (Design)
  • SWCC at Jubail city. (HVAC).                                                                                      (Supervision)
  • Qassim university 5 buildings. ( HVAC + fire fighting)                                                 (Supervision)

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