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الهندسة\ الهندسة المعمارية



Became the senior urban planner and the office manager only within two years of my graduation; “Hagar, your period was the richest time of this firm” this is how the owner described it after the firm had fluency expanded in both projects and employee. Due my significant management, organization and communication skills I’m able to develop and maintain an efficient, productive and empowering work environment where ever I work.

The problem solver, the architect of the critical situations who can handle it all, that how my work goes as a senior freelance architect and urban designer from 2009 until now, from consultants’ offices to contractors, business owners and even as volunteered urban designer. 

From having a master’s degree in tourism planning to the participation with respectful scientific papers and working recently on my PhD dissertation in the city planning, I’m continuously in progress to update and expand my academic knowledge in both urban design and planning field.


  • 2007-Now : Freelance Senior Architect and urban designer/ planner
  • 2008-2020 : On a special request; Senior Architect, urban designer and Coordinator (ECU Engineering Consultants Union ; A multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm; its expertise covers structural, mechanical and electrical engineering together with construction management and quality control.)
  • 2014-2021: Assistant Lecturer in Architectural and Executive Design ( The Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology - Alexandria - Egypt )  
  • 2009-2014: Office manager and senior urban designer (HAD House of Architecture and Design; A private consultancy architectural firm consists of 14 professional urban designers, architects and interior designer; specialized in tourism planning, urban planning, urban design, interior design and architectural design.)
  • 2007-2009: Junior urban designer (HAD House of Architecture and Design)


The Department of Architecture- Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University:

  • PhD Candidate in City Planning
  • MSc in Tourism Planning (GPA 3.22)
  •  BSc  in Architecture Engineering  - Urban Design major ( Curriculum Grade 77.7 % ) 

محترفون من نفس قطاع الهندسة\ الهندسة المعمارية مثل HAGAR SHALABY

محترفون من قطاعات مختلفة بالقرب من Alexandria, اسكندرية

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