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ahmed mostafa


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I am an electronics engineer with extensive experience in the field of electronics. I am now working as an operation and maintenance engineer in a sewage treatment plant. And I worked as an electronics engineer previously at Cx Medical Company and we did many projects and have a great passion for this field and took many courses to develop in this field such as the practical electronics course, the digital electronics course and the professional electronic design course. I worked as an electrical engineer in a carbonate factory and dealt with types of plc and vrf motor and electrical panels.
I am currently looking for an opportunity to utilise my skills in a challenging working environment and become a valuable asset to the organisation that I work for.


First :- Experience:-

1- Electrical Engineer At Khamis Mohammed Ahmed Abd al-Rahman for General Contracting  (Jan 2021 - Present)

  • Description : Operation and maintenance engineer and maintains any malfunctions in electrical panels and control panels, installation of an electrical panel when needed, and general supervision of the site

2- Electrical Engineer At The Egyptian Carbonate Factory (Mar 2020 - Dec 2020)

  • Description : Operation and maintenance engineer who maintains any faults in electrical panels and control panels, installs a power panel when needed, follows up on SCADA screens, supervises a factory, and takes measures when needed

3- Electronic Engineer At CX-medical (Jan 2020 - Feb 2020)

Description : An electronics engineer maintains and markets medical devices such as X-Ray and I do a lot of electronic projects

Second :- Courses and Certifications :-

  1. Practical electronics course at walid issa academy
  2. Digital electronics course at walid issa academy
  3. Professional electronic design course at walid issa academy     
  4. Industrial Communications Protocols Course (Code: H7KL33) Using the units of Siemens at ElecTutors
  5.  Automatic Control Course (Code: H7KL22) By using the units of Delta Company at ElecTutors    
  6.  Getting Started & Advanced with PLC at ElecTutors 
  7. PLC S7-1200Plc Siemens Step 7 1200 Course (1/2018-2/18) at Alexandria Training Center - Engineers Syndicate
  8. Automation Diploma (7/2017-10/2017) at Senior Training Academy 
  9. Robotics (7/2016-9/2016) at Crew Center
  10.  Basics < Analog&Digital Electronics – PCB – Matlab> (6/2016-7/2016) at Crew Center 
  11. Arduino (8/2015-9/2015) at Science Club Alex University



1-Bachelor’s Degree In Communication And Electronics Engineering 

  • Grade : very Good+

2-Graduation Project Included Fabrication Of A Smart Bio 3d Printer 

  • Grade: Excellent

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